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What is Find a Doctor?

Find a Doctor is a new product from the American Medical Association that gives you the opportunity to search from our database of practicing physicians across the United States, from their name, location of practice, and specialty. 

Within Find a Doctor, users can locate general information about individual physicians in 650 metropolitan regions across all fifty states. Over 500,000 physicians, AMA members and non-members alike, from both allopathic (M.D.) and osteopathic (D.O.) degree tracks are represented in the Find a Doctor platform. 

Find a Doctor is also the only search product that can tell you if a physician is a member of the American Medical Association. 


Who is and isn’t represented in Find a Doctor?

Find a Doctor pages are published only for physicians who are fully licensed and unrestricted to practice medicine in the United States.

You will not find pages in Find a Doctor for the following:

  • Medical students
  • Residents
  • Retired physicians
  • Non-licensed individuals
  • Physicians with active restrictions or sanctions
  • Physicians known to be deceased
  • Physicians who have permanently relocated outside of the United States
  • Other licensed health care professionals, such as dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, nurses, or allied health personnel

The information presented in Find a Doctor is regularly updated to ensure that it meets these standards.


How does Find a Doctor work?

Simply enter a physician’s name (first, last, or both) and city/state name or ZIP code into the search fields and click the Search button. Find a Doctor displays available results for the information you entered on the product’s search results page. If no results display, you can refine your search.

From the search results page, you can filter through specialties (the kind of medicine these doctors practice), along with their AMA membership status and their medical degree type. 

Click on a result to read more information about each physician.

Each physician page in Find a Doctor is also indexed on Google, so searches for a physician by their name and location or specialty on that search engine should bring up a result for their page.

Additionally, we’ve created searchable landing pages that index physicians practicing a certain specialty by location. These pages have been designed to be discoverable by Google, and to surface as a search result when users are searching for doctors of a particular specialty in a U.S. state or metro area. 


What information is available through Find a Doctor?

Find a Doctor presents the following information for each physician with a page in the product:

  • Full legal name (first name, middle name or initial, last name, suffix)
  • Practice locations (street address, city, state, ZIP code)
  • Practice phone number
  • Self-designated practice specialty
  • Medical degree type
  • AMA member status

Each physician who claims their page will also be marked as verified in the application, and will be able to provide the following information to their page:

  • Preferred pronoun
  • Accepting new patients info
  • Practice URL

AMA member physicians who claim their page in Find a Doctor can also add an image or headshot of themselves for better representation.


Where is the old Doctor Finder application?

For a variety of reasons, the legacy Doctor Finder has been decommissioned, and replaced with Find a Doctor.

We think you’ll agree that Find a Doctor is faster and has a much more modern look, feel and flow from its legacy predecessor. More features will be added to the platform in the near future, so stay informed with regular visits to Find a Doctor pages.


What is a self-designated practice specialty?

Self-designated practice specialties/areas of practice (SDPS) listed in Find a Doctor are sourced from each physician’s record within the AMA Physician Professional Data™. 

SDPS have historically related to the record-keeping needs of the American Medical Association and do not imply recognition or endorsement of any field of medical practice by the Association. The fact that a physician chooses to designate a given specialty/area of practice on our records does not necessarily mean that the physician has been trained or has special competence to practice the SDPS. We provide this data to inform you of what the physician has added as their specialty.

SDPS data is in no way affiliated with medical specialty as dictated by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).


Do physicians pay a fee to be listed in the AMA Find a Doctor product?

The AMA does not collect or accept fees for placement in Find a Doctor, and never will.


Does placement in Find a Doctor mean that my physician endorses the American Medical Association?

No. The AMA has published Find a Doctor pages as a courtesy to physicians, and this placement is not an endorsement of the AMA, its members or bylaws.


Do Find a Doctor physician pages constitute an official credentialing product or self-inquiry profile?

No. Find a Doctor pages cannot be substituted for official AMA credentialing products. 

Organizations seeking credentialing products can learn more at AMA Credentialing Services

Physicians may access their AMA Physician Self-Inquiry Profile used for credentialing purposes by signing into AMA Profiles Hub.


I’m a physician and want to access my page in Find a Doctor. How do I do this?

Sign in to Find a Doctor using your official AMA Sign In account. Follow the instructions on screen. You can find more details in the Physician FAQ, available when you sign in.


I have more questions about Find a Doctor. Where can I direct an inquiry?

Call the AMA Automated Service Center at 312-464-4782.

Organizations seeking credentialing products can learn more at AMA Credentialing Services.